We have a Core Team of company builders, assisted by a Cross Start-up Team of company builders, surrounded by an extensive network of specialists, and supported from within a caring home.

Core Team of company builders

  • Jan is the Vision Architect. He co-creates ideas, and leads the ventures from nothing to something, so that a leadership team can gradually take over and grow the company.
  • Remko is the Team Coach. He co-assembles and coaches the teams to bring our ideas into reality. He stimulates the team’s constructive dialogue, and helps the team work together towards impact.
  • Edwin is the Startup Planner. He co-defines the business model and co-plans all resources while keeping the pace of all of the activities going.

Cross Start-up Team of company builders

For each of the Start-ups we have cross-company team members that take up the first responsibilities and ensure the start-up gets started before the final leadership team is aboard.

The cross-start company builders are great leaders, who can create something out of nothing. They are not the final leaders that are embedded in the company when the VCs are onboard – at that time the leadership team consists out of passionate leaders who want to grow ‘their’ start-up while the Cross Start-Up Team is taking up responsibilities elsewhere.

Specialist Network

We already connected with:

  • Competition Desk Researcher: Ivan has many years of expertise in the banking and investment industry as business analist and fund manager.
  • Secretary of the Board of Directors: Filip has been inside many international companies, and acquired many years of global M&A expertise.

Caring Home

Our start-up building activities are supported by a team of caring people, from within the BusinessRooms site in Brussels West. More sites will be added later, as the team and ventures will be growing.