What the Support Team does

Our Support Team helps each of our start-ups to be more successful. Actually, they help the Leadership Team of those start-ups. The Leadership Team of each start-up has the challenge to create a specific impact with a specific activity on a specific market. The Support Team helps them do that. So your challenge will be to give wings to each of the Leadership Teams – and make them more successful as a team. 

Your second challenge will be to give wings to our entire business. That’s why you will also be supporting the Core Team in our quest to create impact by building start-ups. In this role, you will often be working with Jan Lagast, who focuses on the marketing aspects of our business, and who is the Vision Architect of the company. As you can see, the Support Team is working ‘close to the sun’. That can be fascinating, as it will be demanding.

You will be part of the Support Team before day one

The Support Team will consist of four or five people, when it will be complete. The administration and office management role is already occupied by Mieke. She will be your colleague, and has similar challenges with the same Leadership and Core Teams as you will have. Since Mieke and you will have to get along very well, we will include her in the recruitment process. So you will meet your future colleague very soon, even before you will be on board.  

The Support Team uses external experts and services providers. Mieke has EY to lean on, as well as a social administration company, a gardener, etc. You will have several suppliers to lean on, e.g. graphics communications agency Atelier 64, who is good at designing and building websites. You’ll get to meet the CEO of that company too, so that you can understand were you should fit in.   

How we see the role of the Start-up Communicator

Now about communications. There are many colours and shades of communications, so let’s try to explain you what we are thinking about. You do not have to create the message, and you do not have to create the marketing plan. If that is what you prefer to do, then this is not your job. Jan Lagast has lived and lead the industrial marketing arena for more than 30 years. He will define the core messages, and lay out the coarse lines of the marketing plans, for you to challenge, improve, and realise them. 

  • It’s about digital content first – what and how Jan writes his core messages can be found on this website. Not everything is perfect, but most of it is written in less than an hour. So yes, you will have more than enough base material to work on. Before we meet, do have a look at Jan’s writings. Then think about how you could use those rough pieces of content to create more fuzz, e.g. to derive other posts from the existing posts, to feed different channels to reach different audiences with the same (adapted) content. Think how you could add some extra video blogging, create a quick podcast, add a photo, or do an interview when the Core Team members are around in the office, get more fuzz on Linkedin, combine content into a newsletter, etc. We want you to be creative in content, media, and channels.
  • And it’s about expanding our network – you will reach out a lot, and be online, on call, and at events, to ensure that every person who really matters knows about us. Find the journalists, and inspire them to use our content or have them call the Leadership and Core Team members for an interview. Ensure we are part of their editorial specials, by turning our content around and finding the angles of our content that could attract the interest of the journalists. Also, look for speaker opportunities, professional associations, networking events. Get more people love our brands and our start-ups. Get addresses and, of course, get the explicit approval to use those addresses.

How the Support Team operates

You should definitely want to work in our offices in Brussels West (google ‘Zottegem’). If you live in the south-east of Flanders, you can arrive by car without traffic issues and jam waiting times. Enough parking nearby to arrive without any stress. If you want to arrive by train, that works great from Ghent, Brussels (even direct), Kortrijk, Oudenaarde and Geraardsbergen. Antwerp is less easy, really. 
On Mondays and Tuesdays the Core Team is around in the office. That’s the time for interviews and short talks. The rest of the week is less defined. Your colleague Mieke is in the office in the morning too. There will be an occasional evening at a reception, or even a long day to finish a project. So you will have some flexibility to skip an afternoon, or work from home.

Do you need Wednesday afternoon off for the kids? Can be part of the package too – also for men by the way. Our Core Team members have also taken care of their family when they were a little younger.   

Could this be you? Then do get in touch.

Here are some keywords to describe the role of the Start-up Communicator:

  • Content editing
  • Social media
  • Finishing touch
  • Adding content on the website
  • Every day is different
  • Creating and sending an e-zine
  • Facebook
  • Coordination of graphical designers
  • Understanding the core message
  • Working for many teams
  • Linkedin
  • Passionate and big smile
  • Core messages defined
  • Cool pictures
  • Call out and reach out
  • Address database
  • Vlog and blog
  • Instagram
  • Talk to journalists
  • GDPR
  • Change is the only constant
  • Communications about purpose
  • Love my colleagues
  • Converting and combining messages
  • Agoria, Voka, Unizo, and other associations
  • Business and industry
  • Press and media
  • Google advertising 
  • Budget follow-up