The Core Team

The Core Team is building start-ups that create impact. The core team thinks, ideates, checks, plans, re-plans, checks again, gets the first funding, creates the legal entity, attracts the leadership team, talks to potential clients, then re-plans, re-thinks, shuffles the ideas, recalculates the required resources, checks the interest of Series A VCs, fine tunes the pitch again, adapts the business plan, coaches the leadership team, reports back to the angel investors, etc etc.

Creating start-ups that impact

We are going to create and grow start-ups in three impact clusters:

  • Ensuring all digital citizens are safe and secure.
  • Creating constructive and respectful teams at work.
  • Making the world become a more silent place.

The start-up creation consists of three steps

  1. Thinking – we turn ideas into business models that could work, that could generate money, and that will create impact.
  2. Creating – we then design the business plan, check its validity in the real world, and start attracting all stakeholders.
  3. Coaching – upon creation of the legal entity, we attract the team and coach it towards success.

This is how we operate

The Core Team gathers every week in Brussels West on Monday and Tuesday (to find Brussels West, google ‘Zottegem’). Neither of us is full-time available, but we are focused and dedicated to this project. This is our core job. We do enjoy some side projects too, so as to remain sharp. But when we wake up in the morning, it is the start-up ventures that are on our mind. As is the impact creation, of course.

We work as a team towards impact – so our most important strategic KPI is the KII: the ‘Key Impact Indicator’. Which, sorry to jump into conclusions, is one of the calculations we would like you to do for all the start-ups. We could do that ourselves, true, but for this kind of number crunching and excel reporting, we really need a third person on the team, who is passionate about numbers. Remko is a great team coach, and Jan is creating new ideas faster than most people can think. But we really need a third person that adds value to our work. Planning money, time, and resources should be something that you do not consider as difficult. Also, re-planning, and, re-calculating, and changing the basic assumptions, and re-crunching, and re-shaping, … should not be annoying to you.

Third person needed on the team

We really need a third team member. This third team member should have the same dedication as we do. Should also want to create impact, as we do. Should want to be in the midst of the pre-seed start-up initiatives we are thinking of.

The third person should also be different. Should complement us. Jan is passionate about the design of a new more impactful business model, a different service or an innovative digital product. Or even a complex new organisation and team structure. He is the marketeer that makes those ideas concrete for clients, and he is the sales person that knows how to get these innovations to the right decision makers at clients. But he is not the person to go all the way and also rethink the numbers, re-calculate the dependencies of business decisions on the group numbers. He is not the person that will recalculate and replan, in order to show the last numbers with the right accuracy to convince investors, and to steer the leadership team.

Remko can bring Jan’s ideas to live in the leadership teams that have to deliver the concrete business results for the start-ups. He can get people talk constructively with each other again after a major internal issue. He can coach individuals to regain confidence in the project, and in each other. But please do not let him calculate the added value of each of the team members to lay the data foundation that enables a team discussion on impact and salary. He’ll get the people talking. He’ll get them agree. He’ll get them enthusiastic. But you will help him with the data, with the resources planning, with the numbers.

When you would be needed for what

We need you on many occasions throughout our part of the life-cycle of the start-ups.

  • Thinking – we would like you to co-create, and add more solid depth to our thinking. To add data and market reality to our talks. To understand the potential share value of an idea. To understand what resources and budget are needed by when – so as to evaluate various scenario’s and really grasp their difference. From ‘back on the envelope’ during the meeting, to ‘I made some simulations last weekend, and there is one scenario that really jumps out’. Jan is in the lead here, but we are a team, and work together towards more and more impactful start-ups.
  • Creating – we would like you to do the project planning of the business creation, the sizing and planning of the fundraising, all the way to defending the plan to investors, and joining us at the notary, when we create the legal entity. You will have a right hand at your disposal in our support team. He or she will help you prepare all documents, distribute and follow-up the power(s) of attorney, prepare the term sheet, coordinate the doc room, … and we work with EY and their experts to get external input. You are in the lead here, but we also will be active in the fundraising and team creation.
  • Coaching – afterwards, Remko will be in the lead and we will support the teams with his coaching. But you will be the data coach, and Jan will be the vision coach. We will debate and resolve issues together with the leadership team. We will help them do better – and create the desired impact (or more). You will be focused on the time, money, and resources numbers and plans of the leadership teams. We will ask you to help them prepare the right reports, and do some first arithmetic to better understand their reports.

What do you say? Is this you? Then get in touch.

Three core values

  • Trust
  • Passion
  • Results

Some keywords …

  • Planner
  • Co-creation
  • Coach the leaders
  • Excel
  • Add trust
  • FunkyOps
  • Add reality
  • Budget determining and follow-up
  • Reality check
  • Number crunching
  • Time and deadlines
  • Follow-up
  • Team with Jan and Remko
  • Confront investors and VCs
  • Resources planning
  • Impact calculation
  • Re-plan
  • Reporting
  • Plan follow-up
  • People planning
  • Analist
  • Investor Q&A
  • Value calculation
  • Feedback