Start-up Leadership Teams for each of our ventures

For each of our start-ups companies, we are looking for a Leadership Team. We are looking for teams, you read it right. We are not looking for CEOs or alpha’s. We are looking for three people that co-operate. One of them, should be the one who is easily reaching out. Another one should prefer to work more in depth. Yet another one should be able to leverage the entire staff towards client-value. Some keywords are constructive dialogue, shared purpose and common values, trust and passion to work together as a group, and increase the outcome, before increasing the income.

We are building Start-ups

Building start-ups, that is what we do. Leading the start-ups to success, is what we ask you to do. When you come aboard, the start-up’s business idea has already pivoted a few times, it has been challenged with the market, and the first pre-seed investors are in. All you have to do, is take a seat, understand the journey we are heading into, and take the steering wheel – as well as push the gas pedal 😉.

Impact before money

Our start-ups want to create impact. We believe that an ‘impact first’ approach, eventually will lead to more money than ‘money first’. That’s how we sell the project to investors. That’s why we have investors that have a little bit more patience than the VCs that will come aboard when the project will have matured.

We have defined three impact clusters, so as to increase the advantage of scale of each of the ventures. That way, we can also sharply focus each start-up on one strategic intent, and yet be able to create a wealth of companies that deal with a similar impact. 

Mixed-gender Leadership Team

For each of the start-ups we are looking for three people. Each team will consist of a leader who reaches out to the market, the investors, and potential collaborators. There is also a leader that has to dig deep into the topic and manage the ins and outs. And there will be a leader who brings all people together in a successful collaboration.

In classic terms, these three persons might be called the CEO, the account manager and the product manager, but let’s forget about old school terminology and not set these old boundaries. What we definitely do not want to do, is get one person above one of the others in a classic hierarchy.

That’s why we are not looking for the classic alpha male CEO-type many start-ups are staffed with. We are explicitly looking for mixed-gender teams, and are definitely looking for more female leadership qualities – not as a quota-kind-a-thing-to-show modern, but because of a firm and deep believe that mixed-gender teams get much further.

Coached Entrepreneurship

We believe classic hierarchies do not work for the kind of start-ups that we are building (as for most start-ups, by the way). What we do believe in are teams that cooperate in generating impact and are co-leading the start-up towards success. Since this kind of leadership is rarely found in the business schools courses, we coach your leadership team, help you create a constructive dialogue, and help you create impact while making money.

There is also a start-up support team that will remove a lot of the small issues from your task list. Accounting, reporting, legal stuff, the initial communications, recruitment, … it’s all covered by the BusinessRooms support team, that is working at our Brussels West headquarters. You should focus on creating impact and creating value. And grow the start-up, the three of you.

Potential to become the owners

Our final goal is not to keep being the majority shareholders and stay on top of the start-up. We do not even hold a majority stake at first. Even more, it is our intention to get your leadership team own the company one day. Of course, there will also be VCs that come along, so you might not own the majority stake over time, but at least you should try to be part of the founder team that is in the core of the company for a long time.

You think this could be part of what you’d like to do? Then just get in touch, and let’s have a coffee.