We are looking for missing team members (M/F/x) who want to join us in our quest to create impact.

Warning. We are not hiring in the classic way. We are not looking for top talent, because the best individuals do not necessarily create the best team. We do not try to fit a body with skills and attitude into an org chart vacancy either. Organizations are dynamic, so org charts are outdated anyway, as from the day you try to write them down.

What do we want to do then?

We want to attract missing team members, who complement the existing team members. In order to create teams that work together to reach further. Teams that foster a constructive dialogue, as a means of creating impact. Teams in which it is safe to try and fail. Teams in which successes are celebrated as a team, and failures are introspected as a team. Teams that go the extra mile to create impact.

If you want to join us on our quest to create impact, then maybe on of these team member roles could be you …

  • Start-up Planner for the Core Team. The Core Team already consists of a Vision Architect and a Team Coach. We are the team that creates, builds and coaches our new start-ups. If you would like to be the last piece of the Core Team puzzle, you should be interested in excel number crunching, start-up business planning, resource (re-)allocation, indicator follow-up, impact calculation, and financials reporting.
  • Start-up Communicator as member of the Support Team. The Support Team is helping all of our ventures focus on the essence: creating impact with their offering in their market. Our Office Manager is already doing a great job in admin and finance in this Support Team. Now, we are looking for the person that gets the message spread to all audiences.
  • Start-up Leadership Teams for each of our ventures. For each of our start-ups companies, we are looking for the Leadership Teams. Yes we are looking for teams, you read it right. We are not looking for CEOs or alpha’s. We are mainly looking for three people. One of them, should be the one who is easily reaching out. Another one should prefer to work more in depth. The third one should be able to leverage the team itself. Some keywords are constructive dialogue, shared purpose and common values, trust and passion to work together as a group, and increase the outcome, before increasing the income.

Anything there for you? Just let us know.