Dentists and purpose … “every smile is unique”

"Just have a look, if you like". These were the words of my dentist last Friday evening, when he handed me a magazine. We were chatting about his passion, his job, and the rapid technology evolutions in the dental care business. He had recently written an article about it for ConsulTand, the publication of the [...]

Three reasons why start-ups succeed – or fail.

Remko Westerbeek to join the core start-up creation team of serial entrepreneur Jan Lagast. Why start-ups succeed ? The answer to this question is not new: team, team, and team. It is also very true. A disfunctional team gets noticed by clients. Business continuity fundamentally depends on the team. Vice versa, a great team is [...]

This is who we want to attract

I found this picture in the Psychology facebook group, and I immediately loved it. This is such a smart summary of people's traits, that I do not need to add much text to it. My personal values (and my personal logo color palette) are Passion - redTrust - whiteResults - black Mainly the 'Trust' aspect [...]

I want to be proud

The reason I love creating new ventures, is because I want to be proud. Not about the money we are raising. Not about the financial results we are achieving. About the impact these ventures could and will have on planet earth. And yes, doing so, can be in line with the VCs ambition to make [...]

Happy Friday at the Core Team Meeting

Last Friday, I went home from the Brussels West office at about 16h30. We called it a day, Remko and I. It had been another fruitful afternoon with our 'huge' Core Team of two people. Another weird afternoon too. We talked about much more things than we initially intended. And we were very surprised it [...]

Is there a business case for three (really distinctive) airline classes?

For some time now, I am flying business class. This gets me a broad spectrum of reactions, from respect and understanding, all the way down to pure jealousy. On the other hand, my personal experiences are also very broad, from too much unnecessary services towards a plain terrible rip-off. I have been wondering for a [...]

What’s the impact of cutting cost?

Today, I was reflecting on some recent discussions about cutting cost. I write a hypothetical story here - no real persons and situations involved. Every comparison with reality is .. indeed. So just imagine: the management team or the board is meeting over the recent numbers. You can see them sitting around the table, staring [...]

Investors who want to impact first, and then make money … are they a rare species?

More than 200 new VCs were created in Europe in the past years, I heard at the Latitude59 conference in Tallinn (Estonia) this year. Waw. That should give a great boost to the EU start-up and scale-up community. Of course, I would love to see one of my ideas turned into a venture, with the [...]

Find the silence between two thoughts

Last week, I posted a little scribble about the interesting concept of 'asking quiet'. Vikram Chauhan has explained me in the meantime what it means. I just repeat his quote here, because it says what it has to say. There is silence between two thoughts. One simply needs to be aware of thoughts, as first [...]

“Ask quiet” as in “think and reflect”

I had a very interesting meeting recently with Gordon Hempton and Vikram Chauhan from Quiet Parks International. Meeting? Well ... we were Skyping. Vikram was in Mumbai (India). Gordon at home in the US. And I was in my hotel room in Estonia (Europe). But it felt like we were together. I could even hear [...]