About me.

What gets me passionate.

I am a visionary architect. I love to think and create. I also love to share and inspire. What I love most, is that my ideas have impact. Impact on the way we work, and on the way we live.

I have no narrow focus. I co-create businesses, new products & services, disruptive innovations, methodologies, new apps, new services. As long as they are purposeful, I love doing this for and with you.

What pays the bills.

Some organizations hire me as an advisor or a coach. Others because they need an inspiring lecture. My main time is dedicated to co-creating new businesses, together with like-minded people.

I am now co-creating Idlegcy, a software and services company that gives individuals all over the world control over their own personal data. See www.idlegcy.com if you’d like to know more.

Here is my LinkedIn profile …