Last week, I posted a little scribble about the interesting concept of ‘asking quiet’. Vikram Chauhan has explained me in the meantime what it means. I just repeat his quote here, because it says what it has to say.

There is silence between two thoughts. One simply needs to be aware of thoughts, as first step. Space is created – you, the watcher get separated from thoughts. Then, it’s just a matter of focussing more on the space rather than content/thoughts. That is inner peace/quiet. To ask quiet, which to me now is more natural than thinking, you drop a question in this mind space that I mention above, and wait for the answer. The first answer is usually the correct answer. If I ignore it, and that answer gets repeated, then it is definitely the right answer

Vikram Chauhan

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I am a vision architect. I love to think, and to create. I create businesses, products, services, and even organisations. That made me happy for a long time. But now, times are changing. And I find it is time to devote a little part of my time to shaping another future.

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