I had a very interesting meeting recently with Gordon Hempton and Vikram Chauhan from Quiet Parks International. Meeting? Well … we were Skyping. Vikram was in Mumbai (India). Gordon at home in the US. And I was in my hotel room in Estonia (Europe). But it felt like we were together. I could even hear the noisy Mumbai streets, whenever Vikram was talking and Skype gave him a slight volume priority.

We were talking about silence, and being quiet. Vikram told me that silence and quiet can also be created in one’s mind in the midst of a busy town. Some days later he came back to me with an interesting phrase in his e-mail: “I was asking quiet about your topic, and two answers came to my mind”. Interesting to notice the ‘asking quiet’, being a synonym for ‘thinking and reflecting’.

Published by Jan Lagast (Lagast)

I am a vision architect. I love to think, and to create. I create businesses, products, services, and even organisations. That made me happy for a long time. But now, times are changing. And I find it is time to devote a little part of my time to shaping another future.