Yes, let’s impact.

Ideas can be very powerful. One idea can shape a different future. So let’s get together, create new ideas, share them, and allow them to impact the future.

Or even better, let’s take one of these great new ideas, set up a dynamic team, add the investment, find a couple of co-creative beta clients, build the MVP, start it off, and impact for real.

And let’s co-create.

We are almost ready with the set-up of a team of venture builders. We are co-creating purposeful companies to impact the globe. The core team is me and Team Architect Remko.

We still need one more core colleague: a Financial Architect with VC-experience, who is into purpose first, and who understands the value of value. FYI, we’re headquartered near Brussels.

Get in touch if you think this is you …

The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.

John Maynard Keynes

Or let’s meet first.

I am always interested to meet interesting people to chat, discuss, interact. No targets. No push. What happens, happens. If I feel that our combined ideas are worth spreading, you’ll find them on my blog.

Once a year in Autumn, we organize a Visionary Meet-up. Great minds from all over the world gather around the fireplace with only one goal in mind … to discover how to impact even more.

Can’t wait until Autumn? Do get in touch now …

And let’s reflect.

The ‘Impact Blog’ on this website combines various loose ends, some light scribbles, a couple of late-night sketches, and several visionary posts. It gives some ideas on how we look ahead.

Feel free to read. Feel free to reflect. Feel free to use these ideas, and allow them to spin-out new ideas. If you copy, do be so kind to mention the source: